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Elevating Skills in Asia: Introducing the YouthMappers UpSkilling Series


In case you missed the memo, I’m thrilled to introduce a game-changer as part of my role as a Regional Ambassador for Technical Support – the YouthMappers Asia UpSkilling Series!


Over the years, our mission has been bringing universities/student organizations into the YouthMappers network, igniting their passion for open mapping, and supercharging their community impact. But this year, we're cranking it up a notch! We are now focusing our efforts in elevating their technical skills, especially in the field of open mapping.

🛠️ Skill Development Is the Name of the Game

Here at YouthMappers, we're all about skills, and the UpSkilling Series is my secret sauce to boost those skills to higher heights. By arming our local chapters with top-notch knowledge and tools, we're not just creating mappers; we're sculpting mapping superheroes! 💪

From basic mapping (iD editor) to validation training (JOSM, OSMCha, Osmose), drone and imagery interpretation, mobile/field data collection (EveryDoor, Organic Maps, Mapillary, etc), project management, data analysis (Python, QGIS, R), and even a sneak peek into the future of mapping tech – this series has it all. I also collaborated with industry experts to serve our chapters an advanced and specialized technical domain.

🌍 Adapting to Local Chapters' Needs

I recognize that we are not one-size-fits-all folks. Every chapter has its unique flair and challenges. That's why the UpSkilling Series brings customized content to the table. Leveraging the insights from a comprehensive Chapter Needs Assessment I deployed last July, I'm diving deep into chapter specifics to give each of them the ability to tackle their community's needs head-on.

🤝🏻 It's Not Just About UpSkilling

Learning is an adventure best shared, and at the heart of the UpSkilling Series, I'm building more than just skills – we're creating a vibrant community. My goal is to nurture this sense of community, where learning together becomes a journey in itself.

🛰️ First UpSkilling Series Training Taking Off

Tomorrow (Sept 30, 2023) will be the first training under the UpSkilling Series. I'm delighted to host a two-day drone workshop in collaboration with my home chapter, UP Resilience Institute YouthMappers. This immersive experience includes both theoretical and hands-on drone training. Our excitement is off the charts, and we're all set to take to the skies (literally!)!


🚀 Join the UpSkilling Series

The UpSkilling Series marks an exciting new chapter in my YouthMappers Asia journey. I'm not just upgrading their skills but building a league of extraordinary young leaders. 🌟

In case you want to collaborate with us, feel free to drop us a message!