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Filipino YouthMappers for Turkey and Syria Disaster Response


On February 18, 2023, I organized an online get-together for all local chapters of YouthMappers in the Philippines. The Filipino YouthMappers community has grown over the years, so gathering them together helps nurture our community and creates a sense of belonging in the network.

Chapter members and faculty advisers joined the online get-together and mapathon for Turkey and Syria

In this online gathering, we relived the contributions of each chapter of YouthMappers through their respective organization presentations. They showcased their past and ongoing projects and initiatives for the communities, and their next mapping-related activities. The chapters present at the gathering were FEU - Institute of Technology - JPCS, UPRI YouthMappers, UP Visayas Tacloban YouthMappers, USTP-AGES, Viscan YouthMappers, and Southern Leyte State University YouthMappers. USTP-AGES, a local chapter from Cagayan de Oro, organized a face-to-face event on their campus to join us.

Part of this event is to collectively create a social impact to the communities in Turkey and Syria affected by the massive earthquake last February 6, 2023. We took the time to help map the impacted areas in Southern Turkey and Northern Syria through the HOT Tasking Manager active projects. We briefly introduced OpenStreetMap and the RapiD editor and ran a mapping competition until the 25th of February. The chapter contributing the highest quality data will get a physical copy of the YouthMappers book.

Various local chapters of YouthMappers are committed to helping map, so we would like to contribute more by organizing mapathons and mapping events for the Turkish OpenStreetMap community.

I would like to thank the local chapters of YouthMappers, who actively participated in this event. Until next time! 🙂